About Us

Research Development Office was established originally as “The Postgraduate Research Centre” following a University Council decision on 30 January 2012 regarding the development of research at MNU. It was renamed in 2015 as “The Research Centre” and later “The Research Development Office” in 2020 and the original mandate of the Research Centre was revised as the following:

1. Conduct research on important social matters to make public polices to be based on evidence.
2. Conduct contract research and earn revenue to manage the place.
3. Aid concerned parties to write research proposals.
4. Grant money to do and monitor minor research.
5. Manage matters relating to ethics of conducting major research.
6. Promote and publish research.
7. To aid postgraduate research students that centres to which they belong are unable to provide.

I am delighted to welcome you all to the Research Development Office. Our vision is to conduct research of highest quality, develop excellent people, develop the research culture at MNU and the Maldives, have an impact beyond academia, enhance evidence-based decision making in the university and the country, and increase university ranking through staff and student engagement in research. We have strong team of Assistant Professors, Research associates and research assistants who work together towards our vision.

Dr. Raheema Abdul RaheemDirector of Research

Contact Us

 Rahdhebai Higun, Machangolhi
              Male’, 20371, Maldives

+960 3345424

Social Info

Theveli International Conference

The meaning of the Dhivehi word, “Theveli” is, the sun’s rays that are spread on the sea when the sun or moon rises and sets. We, The Maldives National University acts as the platform which will spread the light rays of knowledge throughout the nation, the region and around the globe. Our aim is to bring to together the best brains from all over the world and disseminate their priceless knowledge via this conference.

  • Dr.Raheema Abdul Raheem

    Director of Research
  • Dr.Fazeel Najeeb

    Assistant Professor
  • Nashaa Ahmed Naseem

    Research Associate
  • Dr.Hawwa Shiuna Musthafa

    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Abdulla Nazeer

    Project Manager
  • Fathimath Fairooza

    Research Assistant
  • Fathimath Nafha Asim

    Junior Technical Expert
  • Dr. Shazla Mohamed

    Senior Scientist
  • Dr. Aishath Naila

    Assistant Professor
  • Rifaath Hassan

    Research Associate

Maldives National Journal of Research

The Maldives National Journal of Research (MNJR) is the official research journal of the Maldives National University. MNJR is a multidisciplinary journal of research in all disciplines relevant to the Maldives. Although in the coming years, it is expected that this journal will evolve into specialist journals in various disciplines; this first one is generalist in nature. The journal publishes research articles, literature reviews, book reviews, comments, opinion and perspectives.