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School of Nursing, MNU established in 2018, is a historical milestone in nursing education in the Maldives. Since 1973, nursing courses have been offered in the Maldive, with the inception of Allied Health Services Training Centre. However, School of Nursing (SN) is the first institution in the country solely dedicated to nursing education. The present-day SN, MNU, offers 7 different nursing courses ranging from Advanced Certificate in Nursing to Master of Nursing and Master of Nursing Administration, alongsidenursing speciality courses such as Midwifery and Critical care nursing. To make nursing courses widely avaliable throughout Maldives, in addition to Male’, nursing courses are conducted in four regional campuses as well as one outreach centre.

Maldives is parallel to the worldwide trend of an increased demand for nurses and nursing services necessary for maintaining healthly communities and reducing complex health conditions. Although nurses contribute as the largest group of health professionals in the country, there is a clear shortage of nurses. School of Nursing, MNU, is working to fill the gap while offering a bright future for those who want to get educated as knowledgeable and skillful nurses contributing to various areas of the health system.

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Advanced Diploma in Critical Care

Advanced Diploma in Critical Care program provide opportunities for nurses upgrade their qualification to become specialized nurses in critical care area. They learn to deliver comprehensive nursing care to individuals in critical care conditions and is accountable to provide competent, safe and effective nursing care. They also work along other members of the health care team to coordinate and ensure comprehensive care is provided in intensive care and high dependency areas

Asiya Ibrahim

Dean (School of Nursing)

Ahmed Ali


Aminath Rinzy


Khadeeja Shakir


Advanced Diploma in Midwifery

Advanced Diploma in Midwifery program provide opportunities for nurses upgrade their qualification to become skillful midwives who are important members of the health care team. They learn to provide safe, effective and comprehensive care to mothers during pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal period. They will be able to demonstrate the abilities in critical thinking and identify best practice in providing midwifery care