Final and Resit Examinations

This page provides information on final and resit examinations conducted at the end of each term.

Here you will find:

Examination Timetables
Important Dates and Deadlines
Applying for Exam Campus Change
Statement of Entry
Reporting Exam Timetable Clashes
Examination Rules & Instruction

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Examination Timetables

Final examination timetables showing the papers, dates, times and location will be published online at least two weeks before your examination. Resit examination timetables will be published the week before the exam.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that s/he sits the correct examinations.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Check the important dates and deadline associated with the exam from here.

Exam Campus Change

Exam Campus Change requests should be made by students who wish to do their exam in a campus/centre other than their registered place of study. Exam campus change request should be made by submitting an online application through the exam portal.

Statement of Entry

For final and re-sit examinations, students will be allowed into the exam hall after showing their student ID card and a print out of their Statement of Entry (SOE). Students, who do not have their ID card and SOE with them, will NOT be allowed to do the exam. you can print your SOE here.

Exam Timetable Clashes

When provisional exam timetables have been published, check your timetable carefully to make sure that there are no exam clashes.

An exam clash is when you have two or more exams scheduled for the same time on the same day. If you have two or more exams on the same day but at different times, this would not be an exam clash.


Examination Rules & Instructions

Students must report to the exam venue 30 minutes prior to the published time.

Students MUST bring their Student ID card, a print-out of their Statement of Entry (SOE) and the stationeries needed for the exam. In addition, you may bring a bottle of water (with the label removed).