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Exam Rules & Instructions

Examination Rules and Instructions

Students must report to the exam venue 30 minutes prior to the published time.

Students MUST bring their Student ID card, a print-out of their Statement of Entry (SOE) and the stationeries needed for the exam. In addition, you may bring a bottle of water (with the label removed).

Students are advised NOT TO BRING materials that are not required for the exam. These include items such as notes, papers, wallets, purses, bags, food and drinks, mobile phones, smart watches and other electronic/interactive devices, etc. These materials will not be allowed into the exam hall and you must leave them outside the exam hall at your own risk. The university will not be able to take any responsibility for materials lost or damaged, as a result of this.

The use of correction fluid is not permitted.

Desk numbers of candidates will be displayed outside the exam venue. Students must sit at the correct seat allocated to them.

Talking or any kind of communication between students is strictly forbidden. Silence should be maintained at all times in the exam hall.

Once seated in the exam hall, keep your student ID card and SOE on the right hand corner of your desk. In addition, place all other materials that you have, on your desk.

Do not go through the question paper before the Chief Invigilator announces to do so.

A reading time of 10 minutes will be given prior to the exam starting time. You are not allowed to write anything during this time. The reading time is given for students to study through the exam paper and ask any questions regarding the question paper. After this time, you will not be given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the paper.

Students will not be allowed to enter the exam hall during the Reading Time. Students who arrive during the Reading time will be allowed to enter after the exam starts.

Students who arrive after the first 30 minutes of the exam will not be allowed for the exam.

Students are not allowed to leave the exam hall during the first 30 minutes and last 10 minutes of the exam.

If you require assistance during the exam, please raise your hand and wait for an invigilator to attend to you.

Students who leave the exam venue unsupervised, cannot be readmitted to continue their exam.

The finishing time will be announced 10 minutes before the end of the exam. During this time, you must check and ensure that any information on the front page of the question paper and answer booklets are completed before the end of the exam.

Once the supervisor announces to stop work, you must stop writing immediately and put your pen down.

Please remain seated (and silent) until all answer scripts have been collected and counted. Do not leave the hall unless you are given permission. When permitted, please leave the hall quietly.