Pathway Programs

If you are looking for an alternate pathway to get your degree, our pathway programs will help you develop the necessary academic knowledge and skills to get entry to your career path.

MNU Foundation Programs

Foundation programs are designed to help students gain eligibility for post-secondary education and future employment, giving you the equivalent of a high school diploma while improving language skills and more. Foundation courses can prepare you for a variety of subjects such as business, finance and management, computing, law, art and design, engineering, social science, medicine, science and pharmacy, media and humanities.

Faculty Specific Pathways

Faculties offer several certificate level 3 and 4 programs. 

These alternative pathways for students who do not   

English Language Support

We will help you meet English language requirements with our English for Further Studies (EFS) program.  


Don’t know what to study? Want to see our full course catalogue to decide? Check it out in our courses page.


Do you want to apply? MNU has our own application portal through which you can apply at the comfort of your own home.


MNU Scholarship Programs are established with the aim promoting excellence in learning and helping those students who are most in need.