Policies & Documentation

Academic Policies

  1. Specifications for Research Dissertations (Revised on 30th October 2016)
  2. Ethics Policy
  3. Approval Guidelines for Ethical Conduct of Research

University Routines

  1. University day

Course Fee

  1. Fee Policy


  1. Policy on student Admission Revised on 14th November 2021

Libraries Rules and Regulations

  1. MNU Libraries Rules Regulations 2021 Revised on 14th March 2021


  1. MNU Student Scholarships scheme (Approved on 23rd December 2020)
  2. Special Scholarship Scheme


  1. Dhanaal Policy (Revised on 22nd December 2021)

Assessment and examination

  1. Assessment Policy Revised on 28th Nov 2019
  2. Examination Rules revised 


  1. Policy on captive audience
  2. Policy on plagiarism
  3. Policy on political activity
  4. Policy on relation between staff and students of university
  5. Policy on using University IT resources
  6. Students general rules and discipline rules

Registration, progression and graduation

  1. Policy on awarding certificates to non-registered courses
  2. Policy on awarding prizes to university students
  3. Policy on Honors Degrees and their classification
  4. Policy on class size
  5. Policy on recognizing prior learning and transfer of credit | Revised on 23rd September 2012
  6. Policy on repeating subjects and courses | Revised on 20th October 2013
  7. Policy on replacement of testamurs
  8. Policy on Credit Overload
  9. Policy on uniform grading system
  10. Policy on withdrawal from courses
  11. Ruling on Credits Granted by Advanced Standing and Award of Prizes
  12. Policy on registering to an equivalent or same subject from different medium of Instruction

Student Handbook

 International Student Guide