We are delighted to welcome you to the Maldives National University and excited to have you as part of our vibrant campus life. In your educational journey with us, we look forward to learning, exploring, and contributing to the building of the nation together.

At the Maldives National University, you are part of a strong campus community that values academic excellence. In our journey to educating our future contributors and leaders, we encourage to foster a community free of intolerance and discrimination, and to promote a university climate that is respectful, supportive, and safe. These values allow us to provide a learning environment where we can all achieve our dreams and build the nation to higher levels.

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Student Support Services
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Policies & Documentation



University ID card

Each student will get the official University ID card. The ID Card must be carried at all times while on University property and must be surrendered to any University official upon request. The ID Card is the property of the Maldives National University and is governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the University. It is not transferable and is not permitted to be used by anyone other than the issued cardholder. In addition to serving as the official University ID card, it can be used by students to access the following:

1. Faculty/School/Centre/Campus
2. Residents of Dhanaal

3. The Library

4. Gym

5. Examination Hall

ID Cards are issued by the Student Support and Services Office located in the Central Building. After the orientation and registering for classes, students can apply for the University ID Card. There is no charge for an initial card. Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards and Replacing the ID card

Lost or stolen ID Cards must be reported immediately to the Student Support and Services Office via the student email. The fee to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged ID Card is 50.00. The replacement fee must be paid to the Revenue Department before the card can be replaced.


Assessments & Examinations

Valid and reliable assessment practices guarantee quality control in the University. The assessment policy sets out broad guidelines for the assessment of student learning at The Maldives National University. The policy ensures that assessment practices within the University are consistent, valid and assures transparency of operations. It is also designed to make sure that all necessary and appropriate information about subject assessments is clearly communicated to all students and to all staff involved in teaching and/or marking of assessment tasks. This broad policy sets out a general framework for guiding assessment practices.

Financial Obligations

The Revenue Section is responsible for billing and collection of tuition, fees, and other charges that need to be paid to the university. As a Maldives National University student, you are responsible for fulfilling your financial obligations to the University. The fee-paying dates are stated in the Academic Calendar and it is the responsibility of the student to be familiar with all dates. If your account becomes overdue, you must pay a late payment fee. In addition, you are liable for any costs associated with the collection of your unpaid bills.
Course fees can be paid through Self Service.

Other fees can be paid by transferring the payment to the MNU ac
count 7701-101374-001. After the transfer ensure all details of student, the payment and deposit slip is mailed to revenue@mnu.edu.mv
The Registrar may cancel or prevent the registration of students
whose accounts are overdue.

University Roadmap


Admission accepted at MNU


Completing registration Process


Receiving Online portal credentials


Subject Registration – Self Service


Making Student ID Card


Inquiring about the Timetable


Making due Payments





Academic Conduct Policy

Good scholarship necessarily requires building on and incorporating the work of others, however, this use must be acknowledged. Plagiarism, cheating, and falsification of data are dishonest practices which contravene academic values of respect for knowledge, scholarship and scholars. These practices devalue the quality of learning, both for the individual and for others enrolled in the course.
Maldives National University imposes strict penalties on students who
are found to contravene the plagiarism policy. To avoid plagiarism, it is the responsibility of the student to understand how to reference the
work and ideas you use to their proper source.

Student Code of Conduct

As members of the University community, all students, groups of students, and student organizations are expected to exemplify MNU’s community principles and values, to engage in socially responsible behavior, and to model exceptional conduct, character, and citizenship on campus and beyond.
For a more complete and detailed description of the Maldives Univer
sity policy regarding student code of conduct please read the policy.

Information Technology Equipment, Facilities & Services

The University provides computing facilities for faculty, staff, and student use. These facilities and services extend to include (but are not limited to) Information Technology, the University Library, many departmental computers and servers. Misuse of these facilities, services, and equipment is a violation of University policies and may also be a violation of federal, state, and local laws.
For a more complete and detailed description of the Maldives Univer
sity policy regarding using University IT resources please read the policy.