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The Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology (FEST) was formed by merging two faculties, Faculty of Science (formed on 3rd August 2013) and Faculty of Engineering Technology (formed as Vocational Training Center on 14th October 1975) on 1st January 2018. The aim of the Faculty is to establish a Centre recognized nationally and internationally for quality teaching and capacity building and academic research in areas of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Computer Science. 


I am pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology. We are the first institute to start technical education in this country. FEST has its beginnings in the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) established by the Government in 1975 and is the second oldest institute of MNU. We are the first to offer Information technology and Computer science, Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering degrees in the Maldives.

We have well equipped labs and our courses are designed according to the national needs of the country. Our graduates are working on leading technical jobs in the industry and some are even working / pursuing PhD in well reputed intuitions. Our computer science and Information technology degree subjects are aligned with the CISCO curriculum. Students after completing the networking subjects will get an international certification.

I am proud to say we have a team of highly skilled lecturers who are dedicated to teaching and research. Our labs are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment’s and students will be given hands on training on all their courses. Our teaching is not only limited to classroom teaching. We do have a lot field work within Maldives so that when they graduate they can take on the challenges they face within their work environment.

Adam KhalidDean

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Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science is a technical undergraduate degree will provide a broad outstanding of all the major areas of Computer Science. This degree is a Maldivian qualification that meets the international standards for a first degree. The degree structure and content have been developed after several discussions with the stakeholders and the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology. Students will graduate with a CISCO networking Certification.

Adam Khalid


Fathimath Shadhiya

Lecturer (HOD - Department of Environment and Natural Science)

Abdulla Afeef

Lecturer (HOD - Department of Architecture)

Hassan Shiraz

Lecturer (HOD - Department of Engineering)

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design is a general undergraduate degree giving a broad understanding of Architecture. The degree is a Maldivian qualification that meets the international standards for a first degree. The degree aims to produce qualified Maldivian architectural professionals who will be needed to keep space with anticipated national development in the built environment.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honors)

Bachelor in Civil Engineering is a general undergraduate degree giving a broad understanding of Civil Engineering. Civil engineering deals with the design and development procedure in the built environment building infrastructure such as bridges, roads, dams or buildings. The civil engineers plan, design and deliver the infrastructure that enhances the life of modern societies. At MNU, we teach our graduates to become life-long learners. We shape our future engineers to create innovative and practical solutions to the complex problems of the modern world.