About Us

The Maldives National University Students’ Union (MNUSU) is the voice of the students at the Maldives National University (MNU). As a registered NGO, MNUSU is dedicated to representing and advocating for the needs and interests of its student body.

At MNUSU, we believe in empowering students to shape their own future and have a positive impact on their university community. Whether you need help navigating university resources or want to get involved in student life, MNUSU is here to support you.

In addition to supporting individual students, MNUSU also works to improve the overall university experience for all. Our advocacy efforts ensure that student concerns and suggestions are heard by the university administration, and we work to create a positive, inclusive university community where all students feel valued and supported.

Get involved with MNUSU today and join the movement of students shaping the future of the Maldives National University. Whether you’re a new student or a seasoned veteran, there’s never been a better time to get involved and make a difference. Together, we can make MNU an even better place for everyone.


Each of the faculty and Campuses of  MNU has a Wing of MNUSU. Overall there are 14 Wings:

  • FESA ( Faculty of Education)
  • BSSA (Business School)
  • HEALERS (Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • ESTA ( Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology)
  • THARAHA (Centre for Foundation Studies) 
  • SIA (Faculty of Arts)
  • SHATS (Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Studies)
  • NIARES (School of Nursing)
  • SSL ( Faculty of Shari’ah and Law)
  • MEDICOS (School of Medicine) 
  • AHURA (MNU Gan Campus)
  • GURUZU (MNU Kulhudhuffushi Campus)
  • NEYKA (MNU Thinadhoo Campus)
  • DHONDHEENI (MNU Hithadhoo Campus)