The Maldives National University Scholarship Programs are established with the aim promoting excellence in learning and helping those students who are most in need.

MNU scholarship funds are categorized into:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate full scholarship – in addition to the tuition fee, each recipient of the scholarship will be given a monthly allowance, book and establishment allowance

Undergraduate and Postgraduate tuition fee scholarship – this scholarship waivers the tuition fee

Shaheed Awards – this is a remembrance award of the martyrs of 3rd November 1988 and it falls under the category of: Shaheed Ahmed Rasheed Award , Shaheed Ahmed Labeeb Award , Shaheed Ibrahim Shaheed Award and Shaheed Hassan Zareer Award

Gaumu binaakuraa Scholarship – is a special scholarship given in the hope of filling the gap areas of the nation.

These scholarships are funded entirely by the Maldives National University

Eligibility & Selection

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship the following criteria need to be met:

  • Be enrolled in any year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the Maldives National University.
  • Be enrolled full-time.
  • Demonstrate academic progress by Maldives Higher Education Admission Rank or equivalent required for entry for commencing students, or a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 for continuing students.
  • Be a Maldivian citizen
  • Not be the recipient of another sponsored scholarship or in the Free degree scheme

Selection will be based on assessment of the scholarship application and any required supporting documents. Applications will be ranked against the criteria and offers made to the applicants who best meet the eligibility criteria.

Undergraduate Scholarship

Full scholarships as well as tuition fee scholarships are available for undergraduate students.

PostGraduate Scholarship

Full scholarships as well as tuition fee scholarships are available for postgraduate students.

General Rules

  • Should be a Maldivian
  • Should be accepted to a course in MNU
  • Should not have received another scholarship for the course
  • If you got another scholarship while studying with a granted scholarship you will stop receiving the grant money. If the other scholarship is bigger than university scholarship you will lose the university scholarship.
  • If a scholarship student deferred his/her course they will lose their scholarship.
  • Scholarship grant letter will contain the date when when you will start receiving the grant money
  • If the student fails any subject they will lose the grant
  • Scholarship grant period is the fulltime period of the granted course. Inorder to receive the grant payments, the student must be studying fulltime for the course.
  • If the student changes the course, they will lose the scholarship
  • After the fulltime period of the course the student will stop receiving grant money. For any reason if the student stops studying or changes the number of subjects they will stop receiving the grant. Moreover, if their attendance falls below 80% they will lose the grant
  • Inorder to continue receiving the scholarship grant the student must follow the university students general and disciplinary policies.
  • Student getting a full scholarship should not have a fulltime job
  • If the student stops studying , they should pay that semesters fee back to the university

Application & Selection


You can apply to a scholarship with the application intake with your applied course. Check when the next intake is from the academic calendar.


You can apply to our scholarships online with attached ID card, certificates and transcripts in a single pdf.



You will be qualified ONLY when you have received the course acceptance letter. Students with the highest academic results will be selected. If two or more of the students tally, there will be a draw to select the winner.