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Student Feedback

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Monitoring and Evaluation of T&L

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Audits/Review Reports and Action Plans

Policy and Quality Control Unit

The Maldives National University (MNU) recognizes the quality of higher education as imperative to realizing its vision and mission. As such, the management of quality is fundamental to the achievement of MNU’s strategic directions.

MNU’s Quality Assurance mechanisms are directed by the Quality Assurance (QA) Policy and its related frameworks and guidelines.  Guided by MNU’s values, the key principles of MNU’s Quality Assurance Policy are:

  1. Fairness & equity: establishing fairness and equity in all services provided;
  2. Developmental process: ensuring quality assurance and enhancement are ongoing developmental processes;
  3. Continuous improvement: practicing continuous improvement as a top priority in all aspects of the University’s functions;
  4. Risk-management: supporting resilient continuity planning processes to manage unexpected interruptions to the functioning of The University;
  5. Stakeholder engagement:  adopting multi-stakeholder engagement to ensure relevance and wider participation in its quality assurance processes;
  6. Self-assessment and reflection: fostering an ethos of critical self-assessment and evaluation of its performance at individual, team, and institutional levels;
  7. Evidence-based:  making decisions based on systematically collected evidence;
  8. Standards: setting quality standards, accountability, and transparency that adhere to local and international requirements;
  9. Benchmarking: assessing performance and monitoring standards by adopting relevant global good practices; and
  10. Collegiality: applying procedures that reflect collegiality through collaboration, peer review, and decision-making.

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Student Feedback

At MNU, we seek students’ feedback through interactive feedback sessions as part of the Student Voice Policy in accordance with the Quality Assurance Policy. These feedback mechanisms include:

Student Feedback Panel

The student feedback panel is a central-level panel. Through these panel meetings, we collect input on services, enhance the student experience, and support policy development. Student voices drive quality improvement and align with the Student Voice Policy.

This panel involves MNU Student Union (MNUSU), Student Support Services (SSS), and the Policy and Quality Control Unit (PQCU).

The meetings are co-organized by MNUSU Wings, PQCU, and SSS, with PQCU administrative support. The panel meets three times each term.

Student Panel                                                                              

The Student Feedback Panel at MNU collects input on services, enhances the student experience, and supports policy development. Student voices drive quality improvement and align with the Student Voice Policy. It involves the student union, support services, and quality control unit.

Co-organized by SU Wings, PQCU, and SSS with PQCU administrative support.

Subject and Teaching Evaluation

The Subject Teaching Evaluation (STE) survey captures student insights on subject content and teaching quality. This contributes to MNU’s quality assurance through semester evaluation. By assessing subjects and teaching, the university aims for improvement.

The survey measures content, lecturer performance, and student experiences, involving students as key stakeholders in enhancing quality.


Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is a standing sub-committee of the Academic Senate at MNU. It oversees quality matters for the university, including academic programs and student affairs. The QAC’s role involves monitoring, advising, and assisting the Academic Senate to uphold quality assurance standards, fostering a culture of continuous growth for the university.

Faculty Quality-Management Committee (FQMC)

The Faculty Quality-Management Committee (FQMC) oversees and enhances quality at the faculty level. Its main role is to ensure adherence to university-set quality assurance standards, promoting a quality culture within the faculty.

Evaluation of Teaching and learning

The evaluation of teaching and learning is paramount to the quality assurance processes at MNU. At MNU, these are done in a timely, transparent, and constructive manner.

These evaluations are done each term and take the form of

  • Peer-evaluation of lecturers,
  • Mid-Term Evaluations through Student Panel Feedback and Surveys
  • Assessment Validations, and
  • Examination and Assessment Moderations