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Faculty of Shari‘ah and Law was established as a Government institute in 11th August 1999, but was subsequently incorporated into Maldives National University in 2011. 

Faculty of Shari‘ah & Law is an established center of research in classical Islamic law as well as in contemporary legal education. The Faculty is a pioneer institution which is trying to bridge the gap between Islamic Laws and Contemporary Laws. The Faculty is not only trying to bring harmonization between Law and Shari‘ah but it is also trying to contribute in the development of Islamic Laws in accordance with the needs of the time.

A large number of students graduated from the faculty are working in the judicial, litigation and teaching departments throughout Maldives and worldwide.

Bachelor of Shari'ah & Law (Honours)

The program aims to produce graduates who possess sufficient command of knowledge, skills and aptitude in both Law and Shari’ah to serve the profession, society, nation, ummah and humanity.  At the same time, the program aims to produce graduates who possess skills for lifelong learning and a sense of awareness to uphold rule of law as well as shari’ah and social justice

Dr. Abdul Sattar Abdul Rahman


Dr. Mohamed Mursaleen

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ali Zahir

Assistant Professor

Dr. Khadheeja Rasheed

Assistant Professor

Certificate 3 in Arabic Language

This course aims to build language competence, develop linguistic understanding, and create awareness to the basics of Arabic Language. It also introduces the fundamentals of Arabic Language on how to use some basic dialogues that we use in our daily life.