Welcome to MNU

The Maldives National University (MNU) is the oldest and most outstanding academic institution in the Maldives. The mission of MNU is to create, discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge that are necessary to enhance the lives and livelihoods of people and essential for the cultural, social and economic development of the society.
The main campus is located in Male’, the capital of Maldives. MNU has four more campuses across the nation. Kulhudhufushi Campus is in the Northwhilst the Gan, Hithadhoo and Thinadhoo campuses are found in the Southern atolls. MNU welcomes international students and works to create a learning environment that includes all.

“Dhivehi” is the local language of Maldives. However, English is the language of instruction for the courses in MNU. If you want to have a better understanding of the expectations, rules and regulations of MNU you can go through the student handbook. It will give an insight to life at the university.

General Enquiries

  • Central Administration
    Rahdhebai Higun, Mahchangolhi,
    Male’ 20371, Maldives
  • +960 334510
  • admin@mnu.edu.mv

Student Enquiries

  • Student Administrative Services
    Rahdhebai Higun, Mahchangolhi,
    Male’ 20371, Maldives
  • +960 3345155
  • studentservices@mnu.edu.mv

Study at MNU

  • For additional information regarding study at MNU Contact the Student Support Services.
  • studentsupport@mnu.edu.mv


You may apply directly to The Maldives National University, via our online application platform.
A step-by-step guide to the online application process is available here.
You must upload supporting documents online at the time of application. They are:

  1. Copy of your academic transcript in English
  2. Copy of passport front page which is signed and stamped by an authorizing body.
  3. Proof of English Language Proficiency.
  4. Attested/verified photocopies of your certificates.
  5. ID card photo with blue background passport size photo.

Please check your application status by signing into the online application for admission approximately three weeks after you have applied online and provided all supporting documents. The portal will keep updating your status.

Student Visa




  1. Please register to the Imuga Portal


  1. Login to your Portal


  1. Select Visa
  2. Go to “New Application”
  3. Select: Sponsor Declaration – Sponsor Declaration (IM21)

Fill the form (Personal Information)

Filling the ‘TO BE FILLED BY SPONSOR’ part of the form

(If you are above 18 years)

  • Name of signee – write your name,
  • Designation – write “Student”,
  • Date and sign on the block of the Signature.

Note: Make the document a non-editable version and upload


  • Photo (Student): White Background Passport Size Photo (Min resolution 200 dpi, (45mm x 35mm))
  • Filled (Application Form IM21)


  • Copy of Passport Data Page
  • Passport Photo
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Additional Documents (Offer Letter given by the Registrar of The Maldives National University)

*IMPORTANT: Wait for the Approval from the Portal

Note: Do remember you cannot start your journey to the Maldives before the Maldives Immigration approves this visa. Do not arrive in the Maldives if the status is not approved.

Once your visa has been approved and you have arrived in the Maldives, you will be given 30 days to apply for the student visa. This can also be done via IMUGA and for this you will need:

LOGIN to your IMUGA portal


  1. Select Visa
  2. Go to “New Application
  3. Student Visa – Student Visa IM23

Fill the online form (Personal Information)


  • Photo (Student): White Background Passport Size Photo (Min resolution 200 dpi, (45mm x 35mm))
  • Filled (Application form – IM23)


  • Health Insurance – Allied Insurance, Male’ (please email studentsupport@mnu.edu.mv for the form).

o   Filled Expatriate Insurance Proposal Form

  • Along with Visa Application form IM23 and Passport Copy
  • Insurance Payment (MVR 800)
  • Medical Report (any hospital in Male’)
  • Copy of Passport data page
  • College / University Letter (Offer Letter given by the Registrar of The Maldives National University)
  • Last Arrival Stamp page (from the passport)

Submit the form

Health & Travel Insurance

All enrolled international students are required to have approved health and travel insurance (regardless of the visa type) for the duration of their visa or until they depart Maldives, whichever comes first.

You can obtain your health insurance, Please email to studentsupport@mnu.edu.mv to get the form

Insurance fee to Allied Insurance of Maldives is MVR 800.00 yearly ($52)


On Campus Housing

International students who wish to stay in the university accommodation must apply online when applications are opened for accommodation. Jan/Feb for the January intake and June/July for the July intake.

Students are mostly placed in a single room at self catering. For Campus housing to students will need to put an application in by the deadline. Visa documentations are required for a confirmed place in the university accommodation.

Off-campus Housing

Students who do not wish to stay in the university residence are responsible for finding their own accommodation.

Cost of Living

Esimated Living

Estimated cost of living can vary depending on the type of accommodation and life style.

Availability of off campus accommodation can be found at https://ibay.com.mv/housing-real-estate-b19.html


Approximately $25 per month.

You can view available packages at https://ooredoo.mv or https://www.dhiraagu.com.mv

Food / Groceries

Approximately $120 per week.