Do you need Support and Guidance?

Find out where to go if you need help with an assignment, feel like talking to someone about your health and well-being, or have an IT issue that needs to be resolved. We are here to help.

Academic support

Personal support

Technical support

Academic support

  • Looking for help with your learning?
  • Academic skills are essential for success at university, but many students need help to develop these skills.
  • Academic Monthly Workshops can help you with skills such as planning your study, reading and note-taking for assignments, or academic writing.

  • Beginning of each month we will email you the workshops planned for the month.
    Please register to the session that interests you.

Personal support

  • Needing help and guidance in your university journey?
  • Your time at the Maldives National University can be one of the most rewarding periods of your life, but it’s also a time when you may need a range of support and advice.
  • Fortnightly Help and Guidance Sessions give you extra support and a listening ear.
  • Twice a month we will email you asking if you need help and guidance in any matter. Please register for the session if you believe it is for you.
  • Support is also available by emailing to We will always be
    happy to help.

IT support

  • Having technical errors that is slowing down your learning?
  • Information technology (IT) is  essential in modern education and at the Maldives National University we help you from setting up your email account, accessing Self Service, Moodle and providing technical assistance. We have got all your IT essentials covered.

  • If you are having trouble  there are a range of options you can ask for IT help.

    It includes:
    o Help Desk
    o FAQs
    o (or) emailing to

Student Handbook

This handbook describes the expectations for behavior and conduct in the Maldives National University (MNU) community and outlines the procedures to be followed. It is your road map, containing the policies and procedures that will guide you as a student while you study and grow in this community. It is your responsibility to read it.
A university is a disciplined community, a place where individuals accept their obligations to others and where well-de-fined governance procedures guide behavior for the com-mon good.
The MNU website provides students access to information, services and resources to help get the most out of the University experiences.