Our Current Projects

MNU Medical School and Teaching Hospital 


Maldives National University (MNU), has announced the establishment of a medical school and teaching hospital with the aid of Paskisthan, with the unveiling of their designs marking a significant milestone celebrated during a special ceremony held at MNU on 8th February 2024, Thursday.

The medical school, set to accommodate up to 100 students and furnished with cutting-edge facilities, will be complemented by a teaching hospital slated to feature 300 beds along with modern medical technology. Both facilities are to be constructed in Hulhumale’, with MNU securing 5700 acres of land for this purpose.

MNU ICT Facility in Gn. Fuvamulah

On December 6, 2023, a landmark event took place as the contract for constructing the Maldives National University’s (MNU) ICT facility in Gn. Fuvamulah was officially signed. This momentous occasion marked a significant milestone in the advancement of higher education and technological infrastructure in the Maldives.

The new ICT facility was poised to be a trailblazer, setting the standard as the inaugural establishment of its kind in the nation. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this facility was designed to provide an exceptional learning environment for students and faculty alike. The advanced equipment and resources available were expected to not only enhance the educational experience but also foster innovation and development in the field of Information and Communications Technology.

Construction of a classroom block at Gdh. Thinadhoo

On January 12, 2023, the Maldives National University (MNU) celebrated the inauguration of a new three-story classroom block at the Thinadhoo Campus. This significant event marked a major step forward in enhancing the university’s infrastructure and expanding its capacity to serve students in the region.

The new classroom block, designed to accommodate a growing student population, was equipped with modern facilities to support a diverse range of academic activities. The state-of-the-art classrooms and learning spaces were expected to provide an improved educational environment, fostering both teaching and learning excellence.