Welcome to Thinadhoo

Thinadhoo, one of the few metropolitan islands in the Maldives, is situated about 400 KM from the capital city Male’ and is the capital of South Huvadhoo Atoll. The island has a living population of about 10,000 including expatriate workers and people from nearby islands settling to enjoy the socio-economic benefits of living in an urban centre. Thinadhoo is regarded as the commercial hub of the atoll that has connectivity to the rest of the islands in the atoll through a network of boats connecting all the islands with two round-trips per week. Access to tertiary education, health care facilities and the presence of a business community, have been the main
reasons for the popularity among neighboring islanders.

Life in Thinadhoo

The warm, friendly and hospitable community makes Thinadhoo one of the best places to live. Though, Thinadhoo is not a city yet, the amenities in Thinadhoo are comparable to that of Male’ city. Like in cities, provision of guest houses, restaurants, health care facilities, sports centres, playgrounds and varieties of shops in Thinadhoo make the island a convenient place to live.

Thinadhoo is also a convenient travel destination for locals and tourists alike with several scheduled flights everyday to Kaadehdhdhoo airport, – a distance of only 5-7 minutes travel by a speed boat to Thinadhoo. The island is close proximity to the cluster of uninhabited islands – famous for their mesmerizingly beautiful natural white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, coral reefs, sandbanks, and world renowned diving spots – to relax and enjoy between studies.

Thinadhoo Campus

Located near the harbor, Thinadhoo Campus is one of the most attractive and beautiful places on the island. Since its establishment in 2003 with a classroom and a library, the campus has expanded and grown tremendously. In various disciplines, Thinadhoo Campus offers programs from certificate level to master level. The campus is equipped with a nursing art lab, a computer lab, a library, spacious modern classrooms, and vocational training workshops. Thinadhoo Campus also offers secure and comfortable single room accommodations – Dhannakalaygefaanu Dhanaal – for students from other islands. With its spectacular beautiful green scenery, Thinadhoo Campus is an ideal place for learning.

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