About Us

The Club was founded in 2016 and in 2019 a new exco member was elected to run for its second term.


The main purpose of the club is to create a sense of unity among the staff while improving their behavioral and societal responsibilities. Moreover, to entertain staff across all the faculties/ departments through an enjoyable time. Likewise, to ensure that all the laws and regulations of the university are easy to follow and have no discrimination. In addition, this club envisions managing multiple programs and events, beneficial to the staff, in collaboration with foreign and international universities.


  • To build a strong friendship and togetherness among the employees
  • Help to reduce bias and challenges faced by employees
  • Participate and excel in national competitions held
  • Gain national recognition in the future


Since the formation of the club the following activities have been carried out for the MNU staffs

Exercises Program

  • Zumba
  • Aerobics Class
  • Breathing exercises classes
  • Martial Arts

Sports Events

  • Participated in office handball tournament 
  • Conducted Inter faculty Futsal Tournament 
  • Conducted Inter faculty Handball Tournament  


  • Basic Sign language session held by Saeed Ath’har, Lecturer, Center for Foundation Studies 
  • Pastry Class in Collaboration with Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies
  • Dheenee Dharus in Collaboration with Faculty of Sharia and Law


  • Roadhamas Quiz in Collaboration with Faculty of Sharia and Law   

  Social events

  • Fundraising
  • H1N1 Vaccine Campaign  
  • Celebration of Diabetics Day- Awareness Program
  • Participated in MNU long walk 
  • Roadha Hadhiya Exchange 
  • Maahefun in collaboration with The Manhattan Fish Market 
  • MNU clean event by PROMISE project 
  • MNU Book Fair (table to sell food items)
  • MNU Open Day (MNU Flag sewed for compound decoration and table to sell plants, heena paint)

Special Days Celebration

  • MNU Anniversary

Release of MNU song 

Release of MNU 48th Anniversary Video (48 Letter)

  • Conducted fun activities for staff in collaboration with MNU Student Union 
  • Women’s Day
  •  Decoration of MNU Central Building with the banner and posters to celebrate women’s day 

Operating MNU Canteen from 2017-2018

Executive Committee

Ali Moosa (FM)

Vice President

Mohamed Sunaan (FM)

Vice President

Ali Suzeel (MNUBS)


Aminath Maseeha Ahmed (FE)

Organizing Secretary

Mahir Mohamed (CL)


General Members

Azeefa Hussain (SAS)


Shakira Ali (FHTS)


Aminath Zifna (CETE)


Thahmeena Ibrahim (CETE)


Campus Focal Points

Shakeela Abdul Rahman

Kulhudhuffushi Campus

Khadheeja Shiuna

Hithadhoo Campus

Hussain Shareef

Gan Campus

Hussain Ali

Thinadhoo Campus