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Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS) formerly known as The School of Hotel and Catering Services (IHCS), was established in April 1987. Since its inception, it is recognized as the premier institute for tourism studies in the Maldives that has been producing excellent graduates in the areas of tourism, hospitality and culinary for the past three decades.

Assalaamu Alaikum,

A very warm welcome to the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS).

I am delighted to welcome you all on behalf of the faculty, staff and the current students of FHTS. FHTS takes pride in being recognized as the very first and the number one faculty that imparts knowledge, skill and aptitude to meet the hospitality and tourism requirements of the Maldives. Together with my team of fully qualified, experienced and devoted staff, we work to build the future workforce of the Maldivian Hospitality Industry. Our Faculty is fully equipped to cater to the training needs of our customers, the students. Our courses are especially developed to meet the industry and the MQA requirements of the Maldives. We strongly work with our industry partners to provide access to internship and experiential learning opportunities to develop the future generation of this industry.

As you embark upon this wonderful journey ahead, you would start to value the time that you had spent in the university and the many challenges and sacrifices that you had to make to pursue your field of interest. Always stay positive, remember the opportunities ahead of you, and never give up! 

Zeenath SolihDean

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Advanced Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism

This 1 year program provides the skills and knowledge to introduce students to the four main areas of the hospitality and tourism field. The students will learn about the nature of work in the important areas of a hospitality and tourism organizations. The theoretical and the practical aspects of this program will enhance the knowledge about the diverse career opportunities in the industry. Those who successfully complete this programme will be able to directly enroll in our bachelors degree programs.

Zeenath Solih


Hashma Adnan

Associate Lecturer

Mariyam Rifga Rasheed


Zuneena Habeeb

Associate Lecturer

Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management

The catering field of the Maldives increasingly needs technically-skilled culinary arts managers who are equally adapt at managing a catering enterprise. This program will culminate in an advanced professional qualification in hospitality studies with a special focus on understanding the chemistry, physics and biology involved in creating high quality and creative food dishes and experiences. Students will learn advanced techniques in the production and presentation of culinary dishes and acquire managerial skills that would enable them to be in command.

Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Master’s program emphasizes the applications of the concepts and strategies in the hospitality and tourism management. The program allows experienced professionals to continue their education while maintaining their current positions within the industry. The well researched curriculum has been designed to train high level managers providing them with a strong knowledge of the management concepts and tools with an in depth understanding of the current operating keys and future challenges of this unique dynamic and diverse industry.