Instructions for Changing Campus

Exam Campus Change requests should be made by students who wish to do their exam in a campus/centre other than their registered place of study.
Exam campus change request should be made by submitting an online application through the exam portal, as described below.

  1. Click on the following link to access the Exam Portal:
  2. Under “USER LOGIN”, click on “Sign in With Google”. Login to Exam Portal using your student email (or the email that you use to login to Moodle).
  3. Click on “Campus Change
  4. Click on “Application for Campus Change
  5. Check the information on the form that appear on the screen. Complete the form by entering your phone number and selecting the campus you wish to do the exam for EACH subject individually. Then click on “Submit” to submit the application form.
  6. A notification will appear on the screen asking to confirm your selections. If the entries are correct and complete, select “Confirm”.
  7. A “Form Submitted” notification will then appear on the screen. Click “Download Receipt” at the bottom of the message to download the receipt of your application.
  8. The downloaded receipt should appear as illustrated below. Maintain a soft copy or hard copy of the downloaded receipt till the end of your exams.
  9. If the entries in the notification in Step 6 is incorrect or incomplete, select “Cancel” to go back to the form. Make necessary corrections and/or complete the form and repeat Steps 5 to 7 to submit your application.

    Online application form for exam campus change must be submitted before the deadline specified by the Examination Department for each exam period
    Please note that submitting the application does NOT mean that the exam campus will be changed as requested. Applications may be rejected depending on the availability of the exam and space in the desired campus
    To check whether your exam campus change application has been approved, follow through Steps 1 to 3 and select “Campus Change Status” in Step 4. The application status should be checked within 5 days from the application date.