The Graduation Ceremony of the Maldives National University was held last night

Posted on 26-08-2016 at 03:21 in News


“The Maldives National University’s Graduation Ceremony-August 2016” was held last night in the Rannabandeyri Maalam at Dharubaaruge, with the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muiz as the chief guest of the event.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr.Muiz spoke of the rapid progress and development of then nation, and highlighted the importance of putting forward and acting upon the ideals of one’s civic duties to serving their country.

The ceremony which was held for the awarding of qualifications to the graduands of bachelors degree programs and other higher degree courses, saw the Chancellor of the Maldives National University Dr. Mohamed Latheef confer the degree titles to the graduates. In his speech of advice addressed to them, Dr.Latheef stressed on the importance of representing and upholding the pride and reputation of the university as they move forward within the society; and to strive towards exhibiting and maintaining the discipline and integrity expected from an educated individual, both through their words and actions

In the welcoming speech given by Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Maldives National University Aishath Shaheen, she recommended to the graduates on maintaining the relationship established with them and university as alumni, and engaging themselves in the various activities and endeavors of the univesity in the future.

A total of 588 students from 9 faculties/institutions in Male’ as well as 4 institutions from various key regions of the Maldives were conferred and awarded qualifications at the “Maldives National University Graduation-August 2016”, ranging from certificate level, advance diploma, diploma, bachelors degree, post-graduate diploma and masters degree level graduates. The respective fields of graduation included the arenas of education, business, linguistics and social sciences, health sciences, journalism, Dhivehi language and culture studies, tourism, Arabic language and Islamic studies, Environmental studies, Information and Technology, Shari’a and law as well as engineering.

Among the graduates, 18 students were recognized to have met or exceeded a Grade Point Average (G.P.A) score of 3.0, by which they achieved first in their resepective academic courses.

The speech of gratitude was given by Aminath Nahudha from the Faculty of Health Sciences, the student with the highest marks in the highest ranked course among the graduate pool of the ceremony.

The invited attendees to the “Maldives National University’s Graduation Ceremony-August 2016” included the University Council, heads of the University, along with key state officials, renowned contributors and high profile personnel in the education sector, as well as the parents of the graduates that attended the ceremony.