Wadheea Thaufeeq

Senior Lecturer (HOD - Department of Environment and Natural Science)


Wadheea Thaufeeq is a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology at The Maldives National University. She completed her MSc in Chemistry from University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia in 2004 and completed her BSc in Chemistry from University of Wales College of Cardiff, United Kingdom in 1996. She did a Post Graduate Diploma in Research Studies from Villa College, Male, Maldives in 2014.

She has been teaching Chemistry at Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology under MNU since 2020 and is also Head of Department of Department of Environment and Natural Sciences from 2022. Prior to that she worked as a Lecturer as well as HOD at Faculty of Education under MNU. She has taught Environment chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Food chemistry, Instrumental Analysis and different Science Education subjects units at MNU since 2005. Prior to that she worked as a chemistry teacher, Head of Chemistry Department and Science Supervisor at the Center of Higher Education from 1996-2004.

Area of interest

•  Change in water quality due to environment factors
•  Green Chemistry
•  Food chemistry
•  Stem education

Teaching Interest

•  Organic Chemistry
•  Environmental Chemistry
•  Inorganic Chemistry
•  Food chemistry
•  Instrumental Analysis

Research Work / Grants

•  Project Manager for Climate Change Diplomacy, Leadership and Resilience (CHILDRN) project which is an Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Union, undertaken by its four partner including The Maldives National University.
•  “STEM Education Project” funded by MNU Grant from January  021 till to date. Co researcher of the research team for
•  “The Fehi Madharusa program”, To  evelop “Environmental Ed cation for Madharusa which is aimed to develop, enhance  nd facilitate pedagogies and practices to implement the National Curriculum f om an environmental education focus.
•  “Push and Pull factors of Tertiary Institutes in Maldives”. Worked as   cor  res archer and the project was funded by the Research Grant of MNU in 2015.
•  “Study on understanding the risk of violence to Maldivian children dep ived of their liberty” conducted by IRI, Villa College in 2014. Worked as a Co-researcher.
•  “National curriculum implementation project, Monitoring, reporting the Implementatio of the National Curriculum in 2016. Worked as a Co-researcher.