Dr. Mariyam Shahuneeza Naseer

Dean of Research


Dr. Mariyam Shahuneeza Naseer is currently serving as the Dean of Research at The Maldives National University (MNU). Before this appointment, she devoted herself to the role of Senior Research Fellow at MNU. Her career, enriched by more than twenty years of dedicated service, has been a journey of continuous learning and contribution. Until August 2019, she served as the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the Islamic University of Maldives (IUM), significantly contributing to shaping the strategic trajectory of the institution. Dr. Naseer held the esteemed role of Director of Policy Planning and Research at the Department of Judicial Administration until January 2021, where she also undertook the responsibilities of Chief Judicial Administrator as needed. Moreover, she demonstrated exceptional leadership and administrative acumen as the Secretary-General at the Civil Service Commission of the Maldives until August 2023.

Dr. Naseer’s academic journey is marked by her achievement of a Doctor of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Algebra) from Walden University in the USA, complemented by Postdoctoral Research at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), focusing on enhancing Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Her contributions to academia are multifaceted, including roles such as Lead Researcher, Researcher, Data Analyst, and Consultant, with a prolific record of contributions to international publications underscoring her research prowess.

Beyond the realm of research, Dr. Naseer played a pivotal role as a Consultant at the Small Countries Financial Management Centre, conducting a comprehensive program evaluation for the Small Countries Financial Management Program in the Indian Ocean and African Region. Actively engaging with academia, she serves as a respected reviewer and member of the editorial board for esteemed international journals. Her commitment to education is evident through her role as a lecturer for Master’s students, where she imparts knowledge on Research Methodology, Data Analysis, and Statistics. Additionally, she plays a crucial role as a Master’s and PhD research supervisor, guiding and shaping the scholarly pursuits of the next generation. Furthermore, as a Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Specialist, she has developed the curriculum for more than 30 courses and overseen the development of curriculum for over 70 academic programs spanning both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at diverse higher education institutions. Additionally, she has played a pivotal role in formulating academic and administrative policies and procedures.

Dr. Naseer’s substantial contributions have garnered recognition, including the Recognition Award in Education 2018 from Women in Management, the WOB Distinction & Award for Best Young Woman Professional 2016 from Women on Boards, and the Thila Uthuru Uthama Aruthaveringe Award of Recognition 2015 from the North Thiladhunmathi Atoll Council, Maldives, highlighting her profound impact on the education sector. Further accolades include the National Award for Special Achievement in 2012 and The President’s Award for Special Achievement in 2018 from the President’s Office, as well as The Dean’s List Award in 2010 and the Golden Key International Honour in 2013, acknowledging her exceptional educational achievements.

Dr. Mariyam Shahuneeza Naseer stands as a formidable force in academia, leaving an indelible mark through her multifaceted contributions and steadfast dedication to excellence.