Mariyam Nashath

Senior Lecturer (Department of Environment and Natural Science)


Mariyam Nashath is a senior lecturer at Department of Environment and Natural Sciences.  She completed her Masters in Applied Marine Science from University of Plymouth, United Kingdom.  She completed Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Western Australia.   Her research interest includes fisheries biology, fisheries management, climate science, marine pollution, and marine ecosystems.

Area of Interest

•  Fisheries Biology and Management
•  Coastal zone management
•  Climate science
•  Marine ecosystem and pollution

Teaching Interests

•  Integrated coastal zone management
•  Fisheries Biology
•  Climate change and adaptation
•  Marine systems science
•  Fisheries Management
•  Marine Ecosystems
•  Marine Biology
•  Physical Oceanography

Research Work / Grants

Project name: Survey of popular livebait fisheries fishing grounds in the Maldives (MNU Grant)
Date: November 2021 till to date
Principal investigator: Mariyam Nashath


Project name: An exploration of the indigenous communities local knowledge practice related to STEM Education: A comparative study between Malaysia and Maldives (MNU Grant)
Date: November 2021 till to date
Co-investigator: Mariyam Nashath

Editorial Activities

Technical Committee Member 

    1. Maldives Red List, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Maldives, 2021 to 2022


Semester-long research projects

•  Development of an Integrated coastal zone management plan for V. Felidhoo (ENV301)
Azheen Mohamed, Ishaq Mohamed, Fathimath Ansam, Mohamed Suhadh, Mohamed Alif, Hawwa Junainath, Aishath Enash, Aishath Basma

Undergraduate Final Year projects

Completed projects

      1. Irthisham Hassan Zareer (BMS): Assessment of Oceanic Manta Ray ( Mobula birostris) and Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) sightings in Fuvahmulah using Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK)

Ongoing projects

      1. Hussain Joodh Niyaz (BMS): Status of seagrass beds: A baseline study in K. Maafushi and D. Kudahuvadhoo
      2. Mohamed Kaisan Mushthaq (BMS): A study on the seagrass abundance and physical parameters of water

Selected Publications

Book chapters:

  1. Mariyam Nashath, Environmental Science 5, (2008), Educational Development Centre, Maldives
  2. Mariyam Nashath and Gulfishan Shafeeu, Science 7, (2004), Educational Development Centre, Maldives
  3. Mariyam Nashath, Understanding Fisheries Science, Student Activity Workbook 3 (2003), Educational Development Centre, Maldives
  4. Mariyam Nashath, Understanding Fisheries Science, Teachers Activity Guide 3 (2003), Educational Development Centre, Maldives