Ibrahim Thorig

Senior Lecturer (Department of Computer Science)


Ibrahim Thorig is a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and a NetAcad contact for the Cisco Networking Academy and Instructor Training Centre at MNU. His academic achievements include a Master of Computer Science (Information Security) from the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) in 2014 and a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Computing with a concentration in Computer Security from Staffordshire University in 2010. He is the only Cisco System Certified Instructor Trainer in the Maldives and is therefore qualified to instruct the majority of Cisco Networking Academy courses. Before joining MNU, he held a number of IT positions, including ICT Consultant positions in the government sector, and led large-scale efforts to digitalize the work environment. His primary research interests are cybersecurity, networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Area of Interest

•  Computer Networks
•  Software Defined Network
•  Internet of Things
•  Cyber Security
•  Information Security
•  Digital Forensics

Teaching Interests

•  Computer Networks
•  Advanced Networking and Telecommunications
•  Cryptography 
•  Object Oriented Programming
•  Network Security
•  Cyber Security
•  Secure Software Development

Recognition and Awards

•  Cisco Networking Academy Instructor 5 Years of Service
•  Cisco Networking Academy 100 Club member SAARC 2021
•  Cisco Certified Network Associate (Cisco ID No. CSCO13528170)
•  Cisco System Certified Instructor Trainer (ITN: 20.01964)
•  Star Performer of the Year 2018, Cisco Networking Academy – SAARC
•  Cisco Networking Academy Instructor (Netacad ID: 46969011)


Undergraduate Final Year projects

Completed projects

      1. Aishath Sama (BIT): Formative Assessment Recording System (FARS)
      2. Mohamed Shaffanu (BCSc): Data Centre Environment Monitoring System using Microcontrollers and Sensors
      3. Joodh Ahmed Naseer (BCSc): Artificial Intelligence-based sketch to webpage conversion system

Ongoing projects

      1. Areej Hussain (BIT): Meeting Management System
      2. Maaid Mohamed (BCSc): Diagnosis of human stroke using facial recognition technology
      3. Rayya Muneez (BCSc): Developing an automated ocean trash collection robot using AI
      4. Hassan Shafeeu (BCSc): Automatic Vehicle Parking Solution
      5. Naaif Abdul Wahhab (BCSc): Robotic Waste sorting solution for the environment of Maldives
      6. Mohamed Sharufan Shameem (BCSc): Reef fish Identification using Image recognition
      7. Yoosuf Rif’athu (BCSc): Smart farming solution
      8. Ahmed Jaisham Nimal (BCSc): Mechatronic Packaging Solution for automated Shopping

Selected Publications

Conference proceedings:

  1. Omar, M. N., Thorig, I., Salleh, M., & Razzaque, M. A. (2014). Performance and Security Analysis for Proactive and Reactive Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Network. In 1st International Conference of Recent Trends in Information and Communication Technologies


Book chapters:

  1. (ongoing) Mariyam Humra, Adam Khalid, Ibrahim Thorig, Mariyam Nadhira, Asma Rushdy and Aimaan Abdullah. “Information Technology ge Asaas”