Hussain Afzal

Senior Lecturer (Department of Environment and Natural Science)


Currently working in the Department of Environmental and Natural Science. Achieved Mastered of Educational Studies (in the field of Science) from The University of Queensland. Bachelor of Teaching Secondary (Chemistry & Physics), from Maldives College of Higher Education.

Area of Interest

•  Sport physics
•  Electrical and Electronics principles

Teaching Interests

•  Physics
•  Mathematics
•  Chemistry

Training Programs and Workshops

•  Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Education.
Universiti Sains Malaysia
September 2019
•  International Advanced Level Physics – Understanding Assessment and Effective Delivery
Maldives National Institute of Education in cooperation with Pearson (UK)
September 2015
•  Quantitative Research Methods
Maldives National University
August 2015
•  Qualitative Research Methods
Maldives National University
November 2014
•  First Teachers Conference
Center for Continuing Education with Maldives National University
October 2011
•  Professional Development Course in Cambridge O Level Physics
University of Cambridge International Examination
February 2007

Selected Publications


    1. Afzal, H., & Hishmath, I. (2014). Study Guide for Fundamentals of Science – SCI103. Center for
      Open Learning; The Maldives National University.
    2. Afzal, H., & Hishmath, I. (2015). Study Guide for Combined Science 1 – SCI309. Center for Open
      Learning; The Maldives National University


•  Literacy Project: The Maldives National University | UNICEF.
•  Developing and compiling a research book on saving mangroves of Hura Island, Maldives (2013): Independently working team of lecturers.
•  Longitudinal Study on The Impact of Curriculum Reforms (2012): Activity involving in the research done on secondary physics of the Maldives (grade 9). Program conducted by Educational Initiatives, PVT. LTD. India.
•  National Science Syllabus Development (2011): Actively involved in the development of the outcomes and indicators. Program conducted by Educational Development Center.