Dr. Tobias Bernaisch


Tobias Bernaisch is a tenured senior lecturer for English linguistics at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany. His research into dialects of the English language is dedicated to South Asian Englishes with a particular focus on Indian, Maldivian and Sri Lankan English and the interaction between regional and gender-related variation. Methodologically, his work is based on empirical methods including state-of-the-art statistical approaches. Among numerous other publications, he is the author of the first empirical monograph on Sri Lankan English and he edited a volume on gender in world Englishes. With the help of colleagues, he compiled several large-scale text databases for the study of South Asian Englishes and acted as (co‑)principal investigator in three third-party-funded research projects studying dialects of English.  

Keynote Speech (Theveli 2023)

Topic: English(es) in South Asia and the Maldives: Understanding the Past, Looking into the Future