Dr. Shazla Mohamed

Senior Research Fellow


Dr. Shazla Mohamed is a Senior Research Fellow at the Research Development Office of the Maldives National University (MNU). She holds a doctorate in Food Science and Technology from Massey University, New Zealand. With a multifaceted background in academic and administrative roles, she brings in a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

She has previously served as the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology (2018 to 2021) and the Faculty of Science (2013 to 2017) at MNU, providing overall leadership, advocacy, and strategic direction to the faculties. Her administrative experience extends by her former role as a Scientific Officer at the Maldives Food and Drug Authority, where she oversaw the functions of the Food Safety Department.

Shazla’s research interest is in the broad realm of food safety and quality, as well as monitoring of food contaminants and environmental pollutants. She has actively contributed to a number of research endeavors as both coordinator and researcher, and has significant experience in research grant application and research management liaising with local agencies, international partners and funding bodies. She has worked as a Senior Scientist for the project PROMISE (Prevention of Marine Litter in the Lakshadweep Sea) funded under EU Switch Asia programme.

Shazla has served as a member of several key committees at MNU, including the Research Grants Committee, Research Ethics Committee, Higher Degrees Committee, and Committee on Courses. Furthermore, she has held the position of a governing board member of Environment Protection Agency of the Maldives and is actively engaged as a member of National Technical Committees on Good Agricultural Practices and Antimicrobial Resistance.