Dr. Rukhsana Ahmed


Dr Rukshana has a diverse career with several years of experience in child health and field research. She is a pediatrician with her focus on pediatric infectious diseases and child nutrition. In addition to her medical degree, she has a PhD in tropical infectious diseases and epidemiology. She was trained in Pakistan, India, Australia, and the UK. She worked as a clinician and academic researcher in low, middle and high-income countries and has experience in health systems across the globe. Her research career took her to Indonesia, several African countries, and the USA. She worked as a Research Associate at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine where she managed several challenging field research studies as the principal investigator. She is a founding member of Clinesia, CRO in Indonesia where she leads the health research team. She is also the Senior Advisor in Epidemiology at the Exiens Health Initiative in Jakarta where she continues to manage diagnostic malaria research. She has disseminated her research at notable internal forums and congress and has authored several publications in reputable peer reviewed journals. She has traveled widely for both work and leisure and is fond of experiencing different cultures, cuisines and nature. She is global in her education, work and travels, and can express herself fluently in English, Hindi, Urdu and Dhivehi, her native country language

Keynote Speech (Theveli 2023)

Topic:From data to decision: the power of research in policy development