Dr. Abdul Muhsin Mohamed

Senior Lecturer (Department of Environment and Natural Science)


Abdul Muhsin Mohamed is a senior lecturer at The Department of Engineering.  He completed his PhD Teaching in Physics from University of Waikato, New Zealand, in 1995. He also worked as a researcher in a post-graduate Thin Film Research Lab in King Abdul Aziz University.   He has a BSc honors degree in Physics.

Area of Interest

• Teaching and learning in science.
• Thin-Film Physics Research. (Evaporated layers, Coatings)
• Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Education and Employment Research
• Study of using technological contexts in teaching and learning in science.

Research Work and Supervision

    1.  Principal investigator from MNU for the comparative study between Malaysia and Maldives to explore indigenous communities’ local knowledge practices related to STEM education (MNU and USM Grant) (November 2021 till to date)
    2.  Designing a labor market study to ascertain the need for STEM education and training in the Maldives (March 2023 till to date)
    3.  Coordinating the final-year research project work of all BSc, BMS and BEM students and their supervisors (2 February 2019 till present)
    4.  Working with all final-year research students in the BSc, BMS and BEM programs to enhance their work (2 February 2019 till present)
    5.  Local Supervisor in the Maldives for a post-graduate student of the Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Research, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand (1995-1996)
    6.  Supervisor for undergraduate research projects, Bachelor of Arts (Dhivehi Language), Maldives College for Higher Education, Male’, Rep. of Maldives (2010 to 2014)
    7.  Member of the Thin Film Physics Research Team, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1988-1989)

Professional Engagements

    1. Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology (FEST), Maldives National University, Male’ Maldives (3 February 2019 till present)
    2. Chairperson, Curriculum Committee Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology, Maldives National University, Male’ Maldives (19 September 2019 till present)
    3. Member representing FEST, Committee on Courses, Maldives National University, Male’ Maldives (1 September 2021 till present)
    4. Head of the Quality Assurance Department, Ministry of Education, Male’, Maldives (DM of MoE, 14 August 2017 to 16 November 2018) 
    5. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Male’, Maldives, (25 July 2012 till 24 July 2017)
    6. Head of Maldives Qualifications Authority, Male’, Maldives, (Chairperson of the Regulatory Board, 25 August 2010 to 7 December 2011; CEO, 7 December 2011 to 25 July 2012)
    7. Deputy Chairperson, Civil Service Commission, Male’, Maldives, (23 October 2007 to 7 August 2010)
    8. Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, Male’, Maldives, (14 July 2005 to 23 October 2007)
    9. Executive Head, Department of Higher Education and Training, Maldives, (18 November 2003 to 14 July 2005)
    10. Board Member, Maldives Accreditation Board, Ministry of Education, Male’, Maldives, (14 August 2000 to 23 October 2007)
    11. Director General, Education Development Centre, Male’, Maldives, (01 January 1999 to 18 November 2003)
    12. Member of the Technical Committee on the Formulation of a Tertiary Institute in the Maldives, Office of the President, Male’, Rep. of Maldives (1997-1998)
    13. Head of School, Majeediyya School, Ministry of Education, Maldives, (Principal, 6 March 1995 to 01 January 1999)
    14. Science Supervisor and Physics Teacher, Science Education Centre, Ministry of Education, Male’, Maldives (1 March 1989 to 28 Feb 1992)
    15. Physics Teacher, Aminiya School, Ministry of Education, Male’, Maldives (20 March 1988 to 1 March 1989)

Academic Contributions

    1. THEVELI 2019, The Third International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research by MNU, Authored and presented the paper “Using technological contexts for teaching school science.”
    2. Regional Meeting of Experts on Early Child Development, Organized by Unicef and Govt. of Maldives. 2 – 4 of July 2001, Bandos, Maldives, Facilitator for Government of Maldives and authored and presented the paper “First steps – Maldives.”
    3. Pilot Study on Innovative Approaches to Functional Literacy for Poverty Alleviation in Maldives by UNESCO PROAP, Coordinator of Study at National Focal Point, Male’, Rep. of Maldives
    4. Workshop on Management of Tertiary Institutions in Small States, Tropicana Hotel, Grenada, 18-21 March 1997. Authored and presented the paper “The Evolving Tertiary Education System in Maldives.”
    5. Mohamed, A. M., & Ahmed, M. A. (1995), Maldives education policies, curriculum design and implementation at the level of upper primary and general secondary education. Paris, France.
    6. Contextual Teaching in Senior Physics Programmes: A Conference for Teachers of 6th and 7th Form Physics. Thames Valley Inservice Programme, Thames, 16 August 1994; Hamilton, 17 August 1994; Rotorua, 18 August 1994; New Zealand, Presented a symposium on “A Example of a Contextual Teaching Unit”
    7. New Zealand Association for Research in Education, Hamilton, 2 – 5 December1993, New Zealand Presented the paper “Learning Physics in a Technological Context: A Cross-Cultural Study.”
    8. Mohamed, A. M., (1988), A computational method for evaluating the optical constants of thin, absorbing, solid films. (Documentation, and user manual accompanying a self-developed software for use by the Thin Film Physics Research Team, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia).