Aminath Zahir

Senior Lecturer



Aminath Zahir, is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, with expertise in history, research methods, Dhivehi grammar, and Dhivehi language. She commenced her journey at the Maldives National University in 2010 and imparts knowledge to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at MNU.  Prior to joining MNU, Aminath Zahir taught at Dhaandhoo School and Iskandar School.


 Aminath Zahir has contributed to journals and books, including:

Zahir, A. (2018). Code-mixing and code switching in TV programs [TV programthakugai vaahaka’dhakkaa’iru bas-massunikuraa minvaraai bas mashunikuraa goiythah]. The Maldives National Journal of Research, 6(1), 83-96.

Zahir. A. (2015). Tense and aspect in Dhivehi Language: A linguistics analysis [Bahaveeilmuge hamathakun balaairu, Dhivehibahugai huri, kamuge zamaanai aspect]. The Maldives National Journal of Research, 3(1), 76-96.

She is one of the authors of Dhivehi textbooks for Grade 6, 7, 11, and 12 Dhivehi Language, and Dhivehi Adhabiyyath.

Awards & grants

Aminath has been honored with the Outstanding Paper Award at Theveli Conference 2023, the 6th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research organized by Maldives National University.

Additionally, she achieved the Championship in the “3-minute thesis” competition of Reveli 2023, conducted by the Islamic University of Maldives.


Aminath earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dhivehi Language in 2009 from the Maldives College of Higher Education and she attained a Master of Dhivehi Language and Culture at Maldives National University in 2012-2013. Currently, Aminath is furthering her academic journey by undertaking a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (Dhivehi Language) at Maldives National University.