Dr. Aminath Shiyama

Quality Assurance Controller


Dr Aminath Shiyama joined The Maldives National University’s Faculty of Education in 2004 as an Assistant Lecturer to the Science Education Department. In April 2021, Dr Shiyama was appointed as the Quality Assurance Controller at MNU. As the Quality Assurance Controller, she oversees various aspects of continuous quality assurance and enhancement at the university, developing and revising existing policies at MNU.

Previously she has worked as a chemistry teacher in Dharumavantha School and in Aminiya School. Dr Shiyama is an AusAID scholar, Fulbright alumni and a Commonwealth scholar as well. Dr Shiyama has worked as a science teacher educator and curriculum developer, contributing to pre-service and in-service teacher education in the Maldives. Her research interests include science education, primary school science, teacher professional development and curriculum development. She has published papers in both local and international journals, presented research papers at national and international conferences, and co-authored primary school teacher-guides on Problem-Based-Learning, for KeyStage2. As such, her current work and research focus on quality assurance in higher education.


  • Masters of Science in Education at The University of Kansas in 2009, and PhD at The University of Bristol, 2020
  • Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education at The University of Western Australia, 2004