Aimaan Abdulla

Assistant Lecturer (Department of Computer Science)


Aimaan Abdulla is an Associate Lecturer at the Computer Science Department of The Maldives National University (MNU). She is currently pursuing her Masters in Information Technology in Big Data and Data Science from Cyryx College (Maldives). She has completed Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Information Technology from The Maldives National University (MNU).

Area of Interest

•  Programming Languages
•  Machine Learning
•  Big Data and Data Science
•  Project Management

Teaching Interests

• Python Programming
• Java Programming
• Data Structures
• Big Data
• Data Science
• Information Systems
• Systems Analysis and Design
• Project Management

Selected Publications

Book chapters:

    1. (ongoing) Mariyam Humra, Adam Khalid, Ibrahim Thorig, Mariyam Nadhira, Asma Rushdy and Aimaan Abdullah. “Information Technology ge Asaas”