Ahmed Fariz Nizar

Lecturer (Department of Architecture)


Fariz is a lecturer at the Department of Architecture in the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology. He obtained his Master of Urban & Regional Planning; and Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture from the Curtin University, Australia. Research interests covers areas of Local tourism and economic Development, resilient planning and sustainable architecture, floating structures and alternative housing typologies.

Area of Interest

•  Local tourism and economic Development
•  Resilient planning and sustainable architecture
•  Floating structures and alternative housing typologies

Teaching Interests

•  Urban Planning & Design
•  Architectural Design and enquiry
•  History of Architecture and Planning
•  Economic Development Planning
•  CAD applications for Design & Communication
•  Architectural Practice & Project Management

Research Work / Grants

Which Institutions Matter for sustained tourism development in the SIDS: studies from Maldives
Date: 17th August 2015
Principal investigator: Ahmed Fariz Nizar


Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Completed projects

    1. Abdulla Firaq, Azma Abdul Fathah, Hussain Kuasar, Ibrahim Nadheem, Ismail Ameen, Mohamed Aslam (BAAD, 2011); Analytical Site Visit Report: Maldivian Architecture & Culture – Baa.Thulhaadhoo
    2. Ibrahim Munawar, Shahid Ahmed Waheed, Hoodh Sameer, Saudhoon Haleem, Aminath Hashma Abdul Razzaq, Ahmed Sarah, Ali Muthasim Ahmed, Hassan Dhilshan, Fathimath Ali, Aminath Mohamed (BAAD, 2013); Analytical Site Visit: R. Alifushi
    3. Ismail Shiyaz, Ismail Rafeeu, Usman Akmal, Ahmed Hathim, Fathimath Maasa, Fathimath Zaha Zuhoor (BAAD, 2013); Analytical Site Visit Report: L. Gan island
    4. Ismail Rafeeu, Usman Akmal, Ismail Shiyaz, Ahmed Sujeeth, Mohamed Althof, Hathim Ahmed, Ali Nazeef, Aishath Ahlam, Aishath Shadhny Afzal, Shafra Ahmed Fazeel, Aminath Lamha Jinah, Fathimath Maasa, Hisun Waheed, Mariyam Niyaf (BAAD, 2018); Lonuziyaaraikolhu
    5. Ismail Madih Rasheed, Mohamed Rushdhan, Ahmed Musthasim Zubair, Sumayya Abdul Sattar, Dheema Nizar, Fathimath Baanoo Shafeeq, Aishath Mishya Nasheed, Ahmed Nimal, Adam Imad, Mohamed Amdhan (BAAD, 2020); Adh. Kunburudhoo Island Profile – 1
    6. Ahmed Jinaan, Ahmed Nihaaz Aboobakuru, Aminath Farahu, Aishath Rishma, Hussain Ameez, Ismail Maaish Mohamed, Lahuza Ibrahim, Mohamed Nabath Ismail, Mohamed Amir, Thanaa Ismail (BAAD, 2020); Adh. Kunburudhoo Island Profile – 2
    7. Aishath Lamha, Mohamed Samha Mohamed, Ahmed Aiham, Mohamed Noory, Fathimath Hiba, Mariyam Zuha Saeed (BAAD, 2023); Dhangethi Island and Regional Study 1
    8. Mariyam Thihunaan Thoha, Sharuath Mohamed Waheed, Mansoor Zakir, Zayan Mohamed, Mohamed Hizam (BAAD, 2023); Dhangethi Island and Regional Study

Ongoing projects

    1. Sadin Shareef (BAAD); Architecture for Climate Change – Future for Male’ City