Who is eligible?

Students who are registered to the library will be able to utilize the services.


Can borrow books and other materials from the library

Multiple Loan types to borrow a material for different duration

Rare and reserved books are available to borrow

Reserved items can be used for reference inside the library too

InterLibrary Loan Service

An MOU has been signed with the Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) and the Maldives National University Library (MNUL). Services available under the interlibrary loan service are mentioned in the procedure and guideline below

IUM and MNU Interlibrary Loan Service Procedure

Interlibrary Loan Service User Guideline

Photocopy Service

Photocopy service is available in all University Libraries. The photocopy machines are located at the ground floor in each library. Library clients can buy A4 papers from the  Circulation counter for 50 Laari per page. Clients are encouraged to return unused papers to the Circulation counter for a refund. Clients will be reimbursed upon returning of the unused papers at the completion of the photocopy session within the hour.


Reference service is a new service introduced in 2016. We aim to provide personal assistance to our clients in finding relevant information for their study and research purposes. Clients can seek assistance in:


Study Rooms

  • Health Science Library 2 study rooms
  • Business School Library, there are 2 study rooms
  • Central library 2 discussion study rooms and 2 individual study rooms

Library members can make a booking at the Circulation Desk of the specified library.