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Council Endorsed Lists

October 2022

Session Faculty Date Day Time

 Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Shari’ah and Law

12th October 2022 Wednesday Morning

  Faculty of Engineering Science and  Technology

Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Nursing

12th October 2022 Wednesday Evening

  Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies

MNU Business School

13th October 2022 Thursday Morning
 Morning session reporting    08:15
 Evening Session reporting time    19:15
 Venue    MNU Central Auditorium – A Block

Seating orders

Seating orders will be provided by Student Administrative Service prior to the ceremony 

Council Endorsed Lists

All the council endorsed lists.


Before Ceremony

Arrive before time attired accordingly to the graduation dress-code.

Sit on the designated  numbered chair (chair number list will be available outside as well as in the website)

Ensure that attendance has been marked

Listen carefully to the instructions about the ceremony procedures

During Ceremony

Make a queue and walk forward according to the instructions given

Go up the stage once your name has been called

Go to the ‘X’ marked place near the person who gives the certificates

Respectfully and pleasantly greet and receive the certificate with both hands (There will be no handshaking)

Thank and turn left with the certificate in your right hand and walk down from the stage