Shiuna Ahmed

Senior Lecturer


An educator for more than 16 years. Learner centered, innovative teaching professional with

a genuine interest in students’ cognitive and social growth. Actively involved in all areas of

education including curriculum development, professional communities, teacher

mentoring, student career preparation, and exploring technology. Combine strong passion

for Dhivehi language and writing expertise to motivate and inspire students, while creating

a fun and challenging learning environment. A self-driven leader with excellent

communication and interpersonal skills who enjoys effectively collaborating with all levels of

staff members and fosters quality relationships with students.


A dedicated, detailed and capable research fellow with 7 years of experience in the field of

educational, and language and literature research. One of the renounced works includes

the research done on “Teaching as a Teacher: Perception, Value and Choice in the

Maldives”. It was published on the Maldives National Journal of Research in Vol. 09, Number

2, Dec 2021.

Authored 5 books for National Institute of Education.


Worked as a Trainer and a member in “Dhivehi Literary Project” funded by UNICEF, Maldives.

A member at “Book Examiner’s list” at National Bureau of Classification, Maldives. Working

as a book translator at “Let’s read Program” organized by Asia Foundation. Worked as a

paper setter at Department of Public Examinations, Maldives. Worked with Dhivehi Bahuge

Academy as a judge for national literary competitions.


Worked as a presenter at Dhivehiraajjeyge Adu to present radio programs to educate public

about how to speak well in Dhivehi Language. Conducted several revision sessions for SSC

and HSC students in male’ and atoll schools. In addition, volunteered in school academic

[literary] trips and Preparing students for literary competitions in atolls. Furthermore,

conducted multiple professional development sessions for teachers in atolls.


Obtained master’s degree in “Master of Arts in Dhivehi Language and Culture” from The Maldives National University in 2016. Prior to this, earned a bachelor’s degree in “Bachelor of Arts in Dhivehi Language and Culture” from The Maldives National University in 2009. “Diploma in Teaching Secondary” was attained from the Maldives College of Higher Education (Currently known as The Maldives National University) in 2004.