Ibrahim Nadheem

Lecturer (HOD - Department of Architecture)


Ibrahim Nadheem completed Master of Science in Urban Development and Management from the Universiti Tecknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia in 2018. Prior to that he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Maldives National University in 2013, and. He has been a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology since 2014 as well as practicing architecture and planning for over a decade. His research interests include ecological architecture, digital technologies in architecture and architecture and human emotions.

Area of Interest

•  Ecological architecture
•  Digital technologies in architecture
•  Architecture and human emotions

Teaching Interests

•  Design studio
•  Architectural communications
•  Urban and architectural technologies
•  History and culture

Research Work / Grants / Projects

  1. University Network for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Indian Ocean Rim (UN4DRR)
    Date: January 2020 till to date
    Role: Project team member
  2. Use of Urban Green Space and Wellbeing of Individuals in Male’ City in Maldives.
    Urban Development and Management, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia.
  3. The impact of covid-19 on the construction sector: phase 1: initial assessment: August 2020
    Role: Research Team Member
  4. Latitudes Network. A global design studio network initiated by University of Westminster, London to bring about research-pro design in environmental architecture.
    Date: 2016
    Role: Project Coordinator from the faculty of Engineering and Technology.


Semester-long research projects

Ongoing Projects

    1. Eeman Abdul Razzaq, Muss’ab Moosa (ARC305); Enhancing Social Sustainability in Public Spaces: Case Study; Hiya Flats in the Greater Male’ Region.