Hassan Hameed



Hassan Hameed is a teacher, curriculum developer, school administrator and author. He is the founding Rector of the Maldives College of Higher Education and the founding Vice Chancellor of its successor – The Maldives National University (MNU). He was appointed as the Chancellor on 20th August 2019.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, “Critical Thinking Dispositions: Assessment and Enhancement by infusion in Physics”, University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Master of Education, “Remediating misconceptions in chemical equilibrium using a Computer Assisted Instructional strategy”, Edith Cowan University, Australia, 1993
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies with Distinction, Major in Computer Education, Western Australian College of Advanced Education, 1990
  • [Post-Graduate] Diploma in Education, Computer Studies and Science, University of Tasmania, 1984
  • Bachelor of Science, Information Science and Physics, University of Tasmania, 1983
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate, (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics), Rosny College, Tasmania, Australia, 1979


  • Author:
  • “Essential Mathematics,” Volume 1, Educational Development Centre, Male’, Maldives , 1985
  • “Essential Mathematics,” Volume 2, Educational Development Centre, Male’, Maldives, 1986
  • Co-author and Editor:
  • “Essential Science,” Volume 1, Educational Development Centre, 1992
  • Education in the Maldives: 1900–2015 | Policies, Themes and Outcomes, Dhivehi Publishing Group, Male’ Maldives, 2019
  • The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge: A Dream Realized, Dhivehi Publishing Group, Male’ Maldives, 2019
  • Translator:
  • Imaam Ghazali: Deliverance from Error (in print)
  • Editor:
  • “Social Studies”, Condensed Education Programme (CEP3), Non-formal Education Centre, Male’, 1999.
  • “Hisaabu” (Mathematics), Condensed Education Programme (CEP3), Non-formal Education Centre, Male’, 1999.
  • “Dheenee Dharubiyyathu” (Religious Upbringing), Condensed Education Programme (CEP3), Non-formal Education Centre, Male’, 1999.
  • “Science”, Condensed Education Programme (CEP3), Non-formal Education Centre, Male’, 1999.
  • “English”, Condensed Education Programme (CEP3), Non-formal Education Centre, Male’, 1999.
  • Content Editor:
  • “Social Studies 2” Grade 7, Educational Development Centre, Male’, 2003.
  • Part of Book:
  • “Spring Wind from Asia” [in Japanese], Kodansha, Tokyo, 1995
  • Project Lead:
  • “Dhivehi Basfoiy” The 1200-page official dictionary of Dhivehi Language published for the first time as a single volume by Centre for Dhivehi Language and History. 2011.
  • Unpublished Manuscript:
  • A First Course in Structured Programming, 1987
  • Computer Programs:
  • “Basfoiy 2000.” Programmer and project management on voluntary basis. This program, for the first time, enabled the Dhivehi Language dictionary to be printed as a single book apart from being able to look up words for meanings on a computer.
  • “FaseyhaThaana” Adaptation of a Hebrew word processor to write Thaana. Together with Access, another program I introduced for Thaana, they successfully killed the monopoly of multilingual software that was being then sold in the Maldives at exorbitant prices. This development enabled the ordinary public to write Thaana on computers.
  • Thaana Fonts, More than 20 fonts have been designed and released to the public. They include the most commonly used fonts such as A_Waheed, AammuFK, etc. and others
  • Journal and Magazine articles:
  • Experimental Research article: “Facilitating Conceptual Change in Chemical Equilibrium Using a CAI Strategy,” International Journal of Science Education, (3), 15, 1992, pp. 221-230.
  • Science article: Trees cool the air not because it provides shade from the sun. {Gasgahun finivanee hiyaavaatheekee nooneve. }, Dharuma, July 2001, pp. 8–9.
  • Technology article: Producing water using multi-effect solar desalination {Fah asarun avin fen ufadhdhaane goiy}, Dharuma, May 2004, pp. 61–64.
  • Obituary article: Nasir niyaavun {The death of Nasir}, Dharuma, November 2009, pp. 2–8
  • Language article:
  • Dhivehi language and dialects {Dhivehi bahaai bahuruva}. Published on-line on fanvai.info. Retrieved on 22nd June 2011. http://www.fanvai.info/dhivehi/maadhareebas/836-2009-06-12-15-38-09.html. To be republished in Faiythoora, July 2011.
  • Education article: On education {Thauleemaa medhu}. The educational philosophy of Mohamed Asad. Dharuma, July 2005/
  • Literature article: Iqbal aa eku haveeru kurun {An appreciation of Sir Iqbal’s poetry}, Dharuma, January 2004, pp. 52–57.
  • Relationship article: Where are all the good men? {Hurihaa ragalhu firihenun kobai heyyeve?} Dharuma, August 2006, pp. 27–30. Under pseudonym.
  • Health article: Heart Damage {Hiiy halaakuvun}, Dharuma, February 2003, pp. 10 – 17.
  • Agriculture article: Ultrapeat: an easy path to prosperity for rural communities {Ultrapeat: rah fushuge thanavaskamah faseyha mageh}. Dharuma, August 2003, pp. 15–18.
  • Fisheries article: Smoking fish without tears {Karunayaa nulai mahugai dhila jessun}. Dharuma, September 2002, pp. 16–19
  • Nationalism article: Dhivehi Raajje nethidhiun. [The Ending of Dhivehi Raajje (Maldives)], Al-Manhaju,2003, Kulliyathu Dhiraasaathil Islaamiyya.
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  • Travelogue article: Dhivehi Sayyahegge galamun … Paris {Paris…. By a Dhivehi Traveller}, Published online on fanvai.info, 2009, http://www.fanvai.info/dhivehi/maadhareebas/1081–01.html
  • Translation article:
  • The Dhivehi Translation of all the words beginning with A of Oxford Paperback Dictionary. “A” ge Radheef, Dharuma, October 2003, 46 pages.