Welcome to Gan

L.Gan is the largest natural island of the Maldives measuring approximately 7.8 km. Gan Island has three wards; they are Thundi, Mathimaradhoo and Mukurimagu. Gan island is linked with Maandhoo; an island at the south of Gan, by a causeway. Mandhoo is linked with the regional airport at Kahdhoo by a short causeway and Kadhdhoo adjoins at its south with Fonadhoo, the capital of the atoll. The four islands Gan, Maandhoo, Kadhdhoo and Fonadhoo where it is linked with causeways stretches up to about 18 kilometers in length, making up the longest lengthen of dry land in the Maldives.

Gan has large ruins from the historical Maldivian Buddhist era. The most popular ruins are the “Gamu Haiy Theli” which is situated on Mudhin Hinna, in the south west of Mukurimagu. Local tradition says that this was the last Buddhist temple of the Maldives. The circumference of this is approximately 300 feet and the height is 24 feet. The ruins called “Mumbaru” are in the area known as Kuruhinna.

Gan Island is also known for its natural beauty. One of the famous areas is the ‘bodu fengadu’ (big), some call it ‘paree fengadu’ (fairy/female jinn) The pond is a fresh water pond with a burnt hue to it which is also linked to many mythical fables and folklore. Undoubtedly the pond is one of the most interesting fresh water ponds in the Maldives.

Life in Gan

Gan is an amazing and an ideal place to live and learn. With so many opportunities to explore, A pleasant community where you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle while you learn. Opportunities at MNU Gan campus helps students to enhance their university life with promising opportunities both in real life and learning. AHURA (student wing) with numerous activities and events which would help the student in all the aspects of student life. The sights and sounds of the beautiful island would make your learning experience relaxing and happening.

Campus Life

Maldives National University Gan Campus is one of the four Campuses of the Maldives National University. Gan Campus was inaugurated on 24th of June 2013. Gan campus provides training facilities for all the Faculties and Centres of the MNU