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The Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) established in 2002 offers foundation pathways to students who do not meet the direct entry requirements for undergraduate degree programs. CFS offers MQA approved Advanced Certificate (Level IV) university foundation programs. We offer three main pathway programs; Foundation Studies in Business, Humanities and Science.

Students of Foundation Studies in Business will gain a holistic understanding of business, economics, accounting and develop a range of relevant skills, including decision making, problem solving, challenging assumptions and quantifying and managing information. The main aim of this course is to help students develop a strong foundation of business knowledge, alongside academic and transferable skills to ensure they get the most out of their degree-level studies.

The overall goal of Foundation Studies in Humanities course is to provide a pathway for students who pass in three subjects (IGCSE O’Level /SSC) and desire to join undergraduate courses at different faculties of MNU, in the field of humanities. The programme teaches the basic skills and knowledge required for the smooth transition to undergraduate courses, and help these learners cope with higher education. Foundation in Humanities is ideal if you are looking to study a humanities or social science related undergraduate degree or diploma. Our programs allow to progress to a broad range of degree courses such as Phycology, Law, Sharia, Dhivehi language, International relations, International hospitality and tourism, and teaching courses.
Nurturing minds for new frontiers in science, the Foundation Studies in Science course is a bridge to Bachelors programmes offered, that meets the international standards for a first degree. The main aim of this course is to develop students with a strong foundation and advanced knowledge in scientific principles in their chosen specialty. Prepare for your future degree and learn the skills you’ll need to succeed.


At CFS, we try to establish a strong culture of support for our students. CFS has dedicated teams who are eager to create a learning environment which is capable of preparing and qualifying graduates who are able to innovatively and creatively face the challenges they encounter during their learning journey. We are committed to lift you to the next level of your learning journey! We know you will have a tremendous positive impact! I hope that you will enjoy your time with us and you will learn to make your own choices and forge your own path with the drive for positive change.

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Foundation in Business

Foundation in Business course students will gain a holistic understanding of business-related subjects (Business Studies, Accounting, and Economics), while developing a range of relevant skills such as decision making, problem-solving, challenging assumptions, as well as quantifying and managing information. The main aim of the course is to help students to develop a strong foundation in business knowledge, along with academic skills to ensure they gain the most out of their undergraduate studies in future.

Fathimath Nasiha Abdul Muhaimin

Head of Center

Mohamed Ifreen


Mariyam Wahida


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Foundation in Science

The Foundation in Sciences course is aimed to develop students’ foundation and advanced knowledge in scientific principles via Science subjects; Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. This program offers students a bridging pathway to relevant undergraduate programs that meet the international standards of a bachelor’s degree, while also developing their observation and critical thinking skills.