Registration for 2019 Term 2


NEW  students (if the selected course is viable only) can submit registration forms to Student Administrative Services (SAS)/Atoll Campuses/ORC’s Starting from 21st July 2019 onwards and can register for subjects once your self-service ID is created. Students will be informed this via an sms by Student Support.

If the selected course is not viable, you are advised to request to change to a viable course for which you meet entry requirements using email. Click the link below to view the viable courses list.


Viable courses list will be updated soon


CONTINUING students can register online for subjects from 21st July 2019.

Please note that registration deadline on academic calendar has been pre-poned to 1st August 2019. Please read the following instruction regarding registration for Term 2.


ދެވަނަ ޓާމު (2019) ގައި ކިޔަވާ މާއްދާތަކަށް ރަޖިސްޓްރީ ކުރުމާ ބެހޭ


All students are required to complete registration on or before 1st August 2019.

For any error/assistance during registration, please submit a ticket to Student Helpdesk/registration under support tab in our website

Click the link below to download self-service instruction guide for registration.

Selfservice-Student self Registration Instruction guide


Sections for New Students Term II, 2019 (Will be updated soon)


Sections for Continuing Students Term II, 2019 (Will be updated soon)