Welcome Night for Freshers

Posted on 16-07-2017 at 13:14 in News

On the eve of the new semester, a special event for the new students was held at The Maldives National University dubbed “Welcome Night for Freshers – July 2017”. The event was part of a week-long orientation and a means to ease the students into the university life.

The event was inaugurated by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of The Maldives National University, Dr. Muaviyath Mohamed. Shortly afterwards, the host of the event, Arushad Ashraf kicked things off with a humorous introduction, followed by a speech from the Dean of Students, Nadhiya Ahmed. Next up, was a speech given by the President of the MNU Student Union, Ali Rasheed Ahmed. He welcomed all the students and talked a bit about what to expect during their stay at the University. The last speech of the event was given by the Chief Guest of the event, Dr. Muaviyath Mohamed. He greeted all the students and advised them to make the best out of their time at MNU and finished the speech with words of belief that all the graduates from MNU will become successful in their endeavors.

After the speeches, the students were asked to group up according to the color of the ribbon handed to them at the beginning of the event. The objective of grouping up was to introduce each other and make new friends. Some groups even played some social games such as the Story Chain game. The students seemed to have a lot of fun.

Next up, to the delight of the students, were food and entertainment. Our host introduced an up-and-coming Boduberu group, Gurahali, to the cheers of the crowd. It was the perfect mix, eating a slice of pizza to the sound of the local music was a great way to end the amazing event. If that was not enough, a lucky draw also took place during the performance where 18 winners were chosen for gifts provided by Pizza Buona, Belle Amie Bistro Restaurent, Café Ier and MNU.

The event was a huge success and the students were delighted to start off their new semester and university life with excitement and vigor. Everyone from MNU wishes you all the best in your studies!