Vision & Mission

The MNU Vision
The Maldives National University will perform and be acknowledged as the outstanding academic institution of the nation and one of the finest in the region.


The MNU Mission

To create, discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge that are necessary to enhance the lives and livelihoods of people and essential for the cultural, social and economic development of the society so that this nation shall remain free and Islamic forever.


Specific Objectives of MNU

  1. Offer courses of higher education and training to those who have completed secondary education or equivalent in areas relevant to the development of the nation
  2. Carry out scientific research and investigations and disseminate the results of these endeavors for the benefit of the national and international communities
  3. Award baccalaureate, masterate and doctorate degrees and other certificates in relation to the education and training provided by the University
  4. Establish relationships of cooperation with institutions both inside the country and abroad
  5. Develop existing University resources and acquire new ones in the pursuit of the achievement of the University mission
  6. Utilize the resources of the University among the divisions in the most beneficial manner.
  7. Promote and promulgate Islamic Dhivehi traditions and values
  8. Any other activities incidental or conducive to the performance of the preceding functions.



1. Honour, Honesty and Integrity
   – We are men and women of honour, honesty and integrity. We shall not tolerate those who lie, cheat or       steal.

2. Service to the Nation
   – We accept service to the nation and others before self as the primary purpose for professional life.

3. Rational Inquiry and Critical Thinking
   – We nurture and promote rational inquiry and critical thinking in all areas of human endeavor.

4. Life-long learning, Teamwork and Leadership
   – We are dedicated to life-long learning, emphasizing teamwork and leadership.

5. Self-discipline and Respect for the Law
   – We stress self-discipline, personal responsibility and respect the Law.

6. Respect for People and our Institution
   – We respect our people and uphold the good name of our institution.

7. Shared Governance and Decision-making
   – We are dedicated to the principle of shared governance and decision-making.