Fathimath Fairooza

Project Coordinator


With a background in environmental science, management and administrative field, Fathimath Fairooza is currently employed as the Project Coordinator for the South Asian Nitrogen Hub (SANH) project at The Maldives National University. She is responsible for leading and overseeing technical programs and activities of the SANH project. This includes providing assistance to write research reports, technical documents, literature reviews along with data collection and analysis. She is also responsible to provide assistance to manage and administer project finances, administrative, logistical and procurement assistance in liaison with the relevant departments of MNU. Overall, she provides support in managing the project in all aspects under the supervision of the project leader.

Ms. Fairooza joined the government of the Maldives in 1998 as an administrative officer at the Center for Higher Secondary Education and continued her role in administrative tasks after joining the former Ghiyasuddin School. In 2005, she joined the Maldives Meteorological Services team as a Junior Geological Officer until 2010. To this day, she has served the government of the Maldives for 15 years. 

In 2017, Ms. Fairooza enrolled in the Bachelor of Environmental Management program at the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology, MNU. After completion of the program, she was blessed with the opportunity to join the Research Development Office of MNU from May 2021 until present. Apart from work, she enjoys reading, traveling and photography.