MoU Signing Ceremony with Utilico Pvt. Ltd.

Posted on 10-10-2017 at 11:56 in News


The agreement signed between Faculty of Engineering Technology and Utilico Private Limited was aimed at providing consultancy services to revise existing 3-year undergraduate Architecture programme and to develop a Master’s programme in Architecture taking green building concepts, environmental sustainability and climate change effects on the built environment into high consideration.

The funding for the project is a result of an MOU signed between MNU and Ministry of Environment and Energy

RECALLING the Government of Maldives’ efforts on addressing adverse impacts of climate change

TAKING into account priorities on building national capacity to promote climate change mitigation efforts and adaptation actions

EMPHASIZING that enhanced national actions on capacity building is required to enable and support the implementation of mitigation action towards promoting government’s low emission development initiatives

SUPPORTING, in this context, the initiative undertaken by the Ministry of Environment and Energy through the Project Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies (LCEI), which is targeted to reduce greenhouse emissions through energy efficiency in the building sector,

RECOGNIZING the support received from Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), towards the successful implementation of Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies (LCEI) Project