MNU Students Partakes in JENESYS 2017 Program

Posted on 16-01-2017 at 09:51 in News


15 students currently pursuing their higher education at The Maldives National University are taking part in the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange in “JENESYS” 2017 Youth Exchange Program, from 15th to 24th of January; in Japan.

JENESYS 2017 is a youth exchange program where members from ASEAN and other countries, “JENESYS” (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange) visit Japan and understand the Japanese culture and values. Also, this program is intended to promote global understanding of Japanese values, increase the number of visitors to Japan and promote their economy.

The participants include 13 students who are learning Japanese Language at the Faculty of Arts and 02 students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology. The students are accompanied by a supervisor from MNU.

The Maldives National University has been taking part in the program since 2012, following an invitation from Japan.

MNU is conducting Japanese Language Programs at the Faculty of Arts, where Basic, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level courses are to commence in 2017 Term 1 as well.