International Workshop on Collection, Modelling and Analysis of Dengue Fever Data

Posted on 16-11-2017 at 10:30 in News

The Maldives National University has commenced an International Workshop on “Collection, Modelling and Analysis of Dengue Fever Data”. This one day international event organised by Faculty of Science of The Maldives National University (MNU) focuses on dengue data collection, analysis and prediction of outbreaks. The dramatic increase in the incidence of dengue fever globally and high prevalence seen locally makes this workshop both relevant and timely. There is a crucial need to conduct research in this area for evidence based interventions in dengue management and advocacy.

The aim of the workshop is to contribute to the research on Dengue fever by providing a critical link from the academic side between the collection of Dengue data and systematic awareness raising and prevention through big data analysis and modelling. It also attempts to create synergies among stakeholders working on dengue related issues.

The workshop was attended by renowned experts in the field from University of Bremen (Germany) and Mahidol University (Thailand) and was supported by the kind assistance of the World Health Organization (WHO). Representatives from stakeholder institutions including Health Protection Agency, WHO, UNICEF, Maldivian Red Crescent as well as officials from concerned ministries and departments actively participated and contributed to the workshop.

On the occasion of the workshop, a memorandum of understanding between MNU (Faculty of Science) and University of Bremen (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics) was also signed with the objective of establishing collaboration in research, teaching, internationalization, cultural exchange, as well as in the discourse about and exercise of best academic practice and excellence.