Celebrating 43 years of the Maldives National University

Posted on 01-09-2016 at 03:20 in News


The Maldives National University celebrated it’s 43rd Anniversary today in a colorful and festive event laden with a plethora of items and activities. The event was attended by many staff and students, all clad in dress codes bearing shades of ocean blue, the official color of the university.

The most important item of the day was the meeting of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, with the entire staff of the university. Campus staff in various regions were met live via PolyCom system.

Speaking at the meeting, Chancellor Dr. Mohamed Latheef recalled upon the history of the university, and acknowledged the works and contributions made by the key personnel past and present, and thanked their services. The gathering was concluded with a lunch organized for the university staff in attendance.

The inaugural date of the university was determined based on the inaugural date of Allied Health Training Center, the oldest of the institutes that were part of the amalgamation process of bringing various training institutions under one umbrella identity during the conception phases of the Maldives College of Higher Education. The date as such was the 1st of September 1973; this basis of ascertaining the inaugural date is widely utilized by universities and institutions around the world for the same purposes. The name “Maldives National University” was designated and implemented on 15th February 2011, when it was deemed that the (then) Maldives College of Higher Education and it’s associated faculties had adequately grown and developed their capacities and facilities to satisfy the requirements and operational integrity levels of a university. As of now, the Maldives National University consists of 9 faculties and 3 centers with a student population of well over 9,000 students enrolled throughout 182 courses offered at its faculties which vary from foundation level courses to PhD level courses as well.