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 Forms ONLINE FORMS Majudhudheen Dhanaal – Application Form Application for MNU Scholarship English Entrance Exam Application  ADMISSION Application for Admission Application for Admission (Short Courses) Registration Form Health Examination Form Re-Admission Form Applicant Appeal Form ADMINISTRATIVE Leave of Absence Form Add / Drop Form Application for Intermediate Application for Advanced Standing Form Application For Student […]


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Forms  General GENERAL Job Application Form Fillable for Locals-English Job-Application Form Fillable – Dhivehi Job Application Form Fillable for Expatriates Application for Invigilation Scholarship Application Form Staff Club Application form Gym Membership PD/Study/Duty Travel Leave Form Application for Short-Term Training Application for Leave Application for Sick Leave Staff Application for No Pay Leave Staff Tuition […]


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Printed Books Note: All Published Books will be available from Central Administration- Revenue Section Strategic Plan Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Strategic Plan 2013-2017 Annual Reports 2021 – Annual Report 2020 – Annual Report 2019 – Annual Report 2018 – Annual Report 2017 – Annual Report 2016 – Annual Report 2015- Annual Report 2014 – Annual Report 2013-Annual Report 2012-Annual […]