Maldives National University awards 16 Staff Scholarships

Posted on 06-10-2016 at 06:21 in News


In accordance with the Maldives National University’s Staff Scholarship scheme, scholarships were awarded today to 16 university employees in a ceremony held at the Central Administration faculty of the university.

A total of 39 staff members applied for the scholarships, which were aimed at improving the human resource capabilities as well as teaching quality and capacities. This included 24 applicants for 10 awards under the PhD Scholarship Scheme, while 15 applicants competed for 9 awards made available under the Masters Scholarship Scheme. Among these, 8 staff applicants were selected for PhD scholarships, and 8 staff applicants got selected for the masters’ scholarships as well.

Selection criterion for awarding the scholarship included the employment period, extent of teaching for higher level courses, employee’s workload and (most current) annual performance evaluation as well. Additionally, the participation levels in various extra activities and organized by respective faculties, along with staff attendance in general was also considered.

Allocation of openings for the scholarship among the various faculties of the university was based on the student population at each respective faculty.

Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Maldives National University Dr.Ali Fawaz informed that a second round of staff scholarships would be open for applications during January next year.