21st Century Education Workshop

Posted on 14-11-2017 at 10:48 in News

A workshop was held today on the topic “21st Century Education”. This is a two-day workshop that is held at the Faculty of Education for MNU lecturers specializing in education curriculum. Dr.Rossukhon Makaramani is the trainer at the workshop. She is an Associate Professor in Educational Technology and previously she has worked as a Dean of the Faculty of Education and Chair of Master Degree Program in Teaching Profession at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, the President of Rajabhat Universities’ Education Deans Consortium, the Vice-President of Thailand Education Deans Council, Head Department of Educational Technology & Innovation, Director of Academic Promotion Bureau, and a Committee of University Council.

The objectives for the program are;

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD)
  • Design lesson plans/course syllabus to support 21 CLD in the training of pre-service
  • Draft lesson plans/course syllabus by the participants, piloting the 21CLD Expected
  • Increasing the capacity of the participants on thematic issues of 21CLD


Some of the activities that will be held in this workshop include Talks on 21st Century Education and Roles of the Teacher, Knowledge Construction & Self-Regulation Activities, Real-world Problem Solving and Innovation, Communication Skills and Use of ICT for Learning.

Here are some pictures from the workshop: